Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Very First Bouquet Of Roses

Perfect timing. I just finished my work yesterday and was hanging around at the front nursing counter, watching my colleagues playing games on their iPhone 4s. Engrossed in watching them play on their gadgets, colleagues were calling out my name. Out of nowhere, this delivery guy appeared, holding a bouquet of red roses attached with a furry, most gorgeous teddy bear. At first, i thought it was for a patient or for someone else. But colleagues said out my name again! WHAT THE!? :-o
I approached the delivery guy and asked him who it's from. He didn't reply me so i flipped open the card but there was no name. WHO could it be from? I'm dying to know!!!! The guy hurriedly told me to sign the receipt to indicate that i've received it. Blank-minded, i signed it. It took me quite a while to realise that Sean DID ask for my work address the day before! I instantly called him from my mobile even though i know he's working. He answered and i asked him if he sent me something to me at work. He said yes. OH! MY! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seany is SO sneaky!! (>.<)

On the 14th February, just like any other 14th February, i live my life as per usual. On that particular day, i was grouchy and moody, i have absolutely forgotten that it was Valentine's Day, it didn't even cross my mind. Still in an irritated mode, Sean told me that his colleague was asking which department i'm working at. I told him that it's Cardiothoracic ICU. Later on, he asked me my work address. I didn't tell him at first cos obviously, it'll be of no use to him. Then he went on about it being at "Pulau Bukom". I was taken aback. He must be googling my hospital. Thinking that he MIGHT send out my resume and application form to the hospitals in Oz, i gave him the exact NUH address cos he was kinda annoying me already by then lol.

So alot of colleagues went "ooh" and "aah" hehehehe.... I was kinda bashful and flattered about it. Juvel and YX took photos of me with my V-Day gift but the rest just wanted to pose with my gift, without me. Dunno why but guess it's to make it look as though they received it from their bfs. :)
I couldn't fit it in my locker, so i had to hold on to it for about half an hour til my morning shift ended.

I thought my boo and i don't celebrate V-Day but.... I'm really, REALLY grateful and thankful for the adorably, cute teddy and the lovely roses. Seany boo.... You got me when i least expected it and you certainly surprised me. Words can't express how much i love you. "Eternity" comes close but you're on my mind when i wake up and when i go to sleep everyday. I love you so very much Sean. <3