Saturday, May 28, 2011

Depression: My Recurring Lapse

IELTS Result 30th April 2011:

Listening: 7.5

Reading: 7

Writing: 6.5

Speaking: 7

Happily listened to everyone to try my luck to enquire and apply with oz's nursing agencies. So yesterday morning, i received an email reply from one nursing agency stating that they'll be more than happy to process my application but they hoped that i'm registered with APHRA already cos it is currently taking more than 8 weeks for overseas nurse to be approved by APHRA's assessment. As soon as i took a look at APHRA's webbie, my hopes went spiralling down, down a deep, deep tunnel. They stated in one of their criterions that it is required for overseas nurse to have an IELTS score of minimum of 7 in all four modules. Sigh.... I broke down in tears. No matter what, there is no easy way out of this. I obviously cannot escape having to register with either APHRA or ANMC. Both are Australian Boards under the government. Clearly, you cannot ask them to make any exceptions and they are not anyone whom you can bargain with. A rule is a rule as is a criteria is a criteria. Once you don't meet their standard criteria, SWOOP!, there goes your application.... inside the trash!
Wake up from your fantasy Fifi and stop being in denial!! YOU ARE RETAKING IELTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL YOU DIE!!!!