Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bored To The Bone

It's been five months since i resigned from working at NUH. Life has been satisfactory. I just recovered from my left ear surgery. So my doctor found out through MY CT scan that i have skin tissue mass on both my middle ears. Plus bone erosion in my left middle ear. That was why my hearing was deteriorating on my left ear. My doctor said that my left ear is REALLY bad, diagnosing me with Left Cholesteatoma. Hence, he suggested me to go for a Left Mastoidectomy surgery to remove the skin tissue mass from left ear and to re-construct my bone in there because it is quite near to my brain. He worries that if i dont have it removed, it might affect my brain. So i went for it under general anaesthesia, this would be my second time being put to sleep. The first one was for wisdom teeth extractions. Lemme tell you.... Post-surgery, it was DAMN HORRIBLE. I kept vomitting alot, obviously from too much morphine or the anaesthetists might have overdose me on something. Everything i ate, i vomitted them out for ONE WHOLE WEEK. It was the terrible awful i've experienced. Pain wasn't a problem because my doctor prescribed me painkiller medicines and furthermore, the local anaesthesia is long-lasting i suppose. Even now as i'm typing this, if you touch the top of my left ear, i can't feel a damn thing. But my left hearing has improved tremendously and i'm fully recovered now. I couldn't be more excited AND not forgetting, I NEED TO START WORKING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I don't quite care where J&R assign me to work, as long as i'm up and working!!!! Cos, believe me girls.... I think ya'll would MOST CERTAINLY AGREE that we can't survive without an income. Hello!?!? No income=No shopping! Duh!! So i'm still at home, waiting on J&R to call me for a job and i'm bored to the bone baby!!