Monday, November 14, 2011


Yes, i know it has been a long while since i last posted an entry in here. The week before this, Pauline tortured me by giving me NINE WORKING DAYS IN A ROW!!!! Oh come on! I cannot even catch a break!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, i will give you an update of last week. I happened to rent a dvd movie called "The Blind Side". And it is truly, truly one of the MOST TOUCHING, MOST INSPIRING AND THE BEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! Now, i have no idea why the lead actor doesn't get credit for the first name shown in the casting. It SHOULD be Quinton Aaron's name BEFORE Sandra Bullock's name because HE is the lead actor in this movie. Duh!! What adds to the amazing-ness of this movie is that, it is based on an EXTRAORDINARY TRUE LIFE STORY. I teared up during a few parts of the movie. Firstly, the part where the black foster family were arguing about him and he heard it all. The second part was him picking up people's leftover popcorns and sodas after the volleyball game is over in the school's gym. Thirdly, the part whereby he took a bus to the laundry place BUT walked back to the gym, shivering in the freezing weather(Oh! He carries an extra t-shirt in his plastic bag which he brings everywhere he goes). And also the part where he told Sandra Bullock that it is his first time ever that he got a bed. Really heartfelt moment. Oh! Oh! The part where Quinton Aaron calls Sandra Bullock MAMA!! It melts my heart.... Okay. Enough said about my new all-time favourite movie.

The next thing i wanna talk about is my boo, Sean. I've been eyeing on Jem and The Holograms complete dvd series. I was telling Sean about that. I insisted that i will get it myself when i have the money but he brushed my "excuse" aside and strongly and purely insisted he really, really, REALLY wanna get it for me as it meant alot to me. It was one of my favourite childhood cartoons! Sean is so caring and romantic to want to get it for me. Initially, he downloaded all three seasons. Unfortunately, he had a problem figuring out how to get them on cds/dvds thingy and how to send it to me. Eventually, he bought it off eBay for me. I'm so touched, i love you Sean!! Sigh.... It came a few months later though but it was well worth the wait i must say. And now, i just cannot stop watching it although it only has three seasons. TRULY, TRULY OUTRAGEOUS AND ADDICTIVE!!!!

Moving on to the last topic. A few days ago, Janice from work asked for me to pray for her so that she is fully recovered from tuberculosis. Since i have been praying four times a day, and so i did pray for her. And told her that and wished her all the best for her doctor's appointment. The next day, she was fully recovered and allowed to be discharged from tuberculosis unit. I feel so proud for her and i thank God for answering two of my prayers. The other prayer he answered was to strengthen my family bind. And i got that, i feel more love and more closer to my family now than ever.

FYI: I keep a diary now. ;)