Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Day of Cleaning Up

I'm hunching right now. Cos i've been cleaning my room since 2pm in the afternoon, and now it's 5am in the morning! So i have been cleaning for more than 12 hours!!!! Of course i had a dinner break, duh! Well.... The last time i cleaned up my room, i tidied up my wardrobe. But this time, i tidied the rest of the room like my dressing table, my study table, my pc table and my tv drawers. I'm happy that i've accomplished my plan for today. It's alright that i'm up til 5am in the morning lol. Cos i'll be night shift later tonight hehehehe.... :p
Alright, alright! Nuff said.... Here is the evidence that i sloth the 12 hours away.


  1. OMG!!! You got sooooooo much stuff just for 1 person. And why are the cooking herbs all kept in your room?? And the number of fake lashes you kept..unbelievable. Clearly you are a spendthrift. Ahem...I was looking at the pictures and wondering, where is the vibrator kept?? LOL!!!!

  2. Oh! Lol. It's being locked away inside wardrobe. Hehe.... :p
    And put some food in my room cos there's LITERALLY no more space for me to put my groceries in mom's kitchen. I've to struggle just to find space for room in refrigerator for my veggies! And she has three freaking refrigerators by the way, all stuffed to the brim! So fed up! Tsk!!

  3. Maybe you need to extend your service from your room to the kitchen as well...hehehe..
    What is the vibrator doing in the wardrobe? Shouldn't it be near/around your bed space for easy usage?? Hehehehhehe!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nah.... Better not be seen. :)