Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lazy Day

I know i'm not supposed to be lazing around at home today. But i got TOO comfortable in my own bed. Woke up at around 1pm in the afternoon. Felt like just lounging in my room. So chose two dvds to watch. The first one is A Series of Unfortunate Events and the other one is my all-time favourite movie, Twilight. Lol. I know, i'm a sucker for teen romance flicks. I've got plenty of those in my drawer, plus chick flicks! ;)
Popped a popcorn bag to eat while watching dvd. It's called Orville Redenbacher's gourmet Smartpop. And it says 94% fat free butter. It has 3 popcorn bags in them. If i recall correctly, i bought this for around $4-$5 i think. One bag contains 113 calories. That's very reasonable if you're counting calories and this makes a great mid-day snack. For drinks, i'm tempted to just open the refrigerator door and take one of dad's soya bean milk carton drink but that's quite high in sugar content. So made my own drink instead. Crystal Light in lemonade flavour. And believe it or not, it's only 5 calories for one small tub. And i didn't even use one whole tub. Just two pinches of the powder and mixed it in with iced water, it's refreshing! Of course, there are other flavours too. For this crystal light container, there's 4 small tubs in them. Costs me $8+. But i think it'll last me for a year cos i hardly drink flavoured drinks. Only plain water can quench my thirst.

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