Thursday, April 1, 2010

Out With The Minahs!

Time is 12.40am over here and i just got home from Orchard. I don't feel sleepy yet so just posting this blog entry to pass time. We're supposed to be meeting at 5pm but everyone was late except Nora lol. I reached there at 5.50pm, so went ahead with Nora to get her Chanel foundation. I wanted to take a video of the beauty advisor applying the foundation on Nora but she didn't allow it. "No photo-takings in shopping mall". Is that true? I swear i've never heard of that before! :-o
OMG! Nora bought four Chanel items!! She got a makeup base, a liquid foundation, loose powder and a compact powder. I wonder how much damage that did to her bank account. Hmm.... Hardly a dent i guess cos after all, she earns like three times of what we do! About ten minutes later, Aini came. We were walking around Tangs for about half an hour and Nora had to leave. Aww.... Ah well! Later on, Aini and me had dinner at Long John Silver's. Then came along Nurul! Finally she's back from JB!! She had dental appointment all the way at JB! Gosh!! We went shopping for our perfumes at Lucky Plaza. In the end, Nurul didn't get any perfume cos she said she's still got plenty. Aini got Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy. I got two Escada perfumes. Marine Groove and Sunset Heat. $38 each. That's quite a great deal i must say. Then we went window shopping at Cotton On and Forever 21. At the end of the outing, we lepak at Coffee Bean at Ion Orchard. Oh! Forgot to mention we got ourselves matching black rings at Forever 21, they rock! Ok ok! I'll stop typing already and show you them photos!!


  1. Yes, Nice fashionable! No wonder you are still awake and not tired. Look at the sugar rush you had at coffee bean!! LOL!!!!

  2. Yeah.... Must have been the drinks! Darn that lol.