Friday, April 2, 2010

Time For Damage Control On My Fat Ass!

Today i pushed myself TO THE CORE!!!! I'm EXTREMELY proud of myself!! :p
So here's a breakdown of what workouts i did earlier on.
At FF's Fusionopolis gym....
1)Interval training on treadmill(i heard it burns fat quicker!)-30 minutes.
2)Cross training-30 minutes.
And then, i went home....
3)Thigh exercises(3 different types)-3 sets of 20 each.
4)Squats-3 sets of 20.
5)Butt exercises(3 different types)-3 sets of 20 each.
6)Leg raises to the side(for hips)-3 sets of 20.
7)Arm exercises using 3kg dumbbells(4 different types)-3 sets of 10 each.
8)Abs exercises-5 sets of 20.
I remember everything that Benji(my ex-personal trainer) taught me back at CF.
I SHALL NOT LET MYSELF SLACK, I SHALL PREVAIL! OH YES!! IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING(Adidas)!!!! JUST DO IT(Nike)!!!! Err.... Anymore sports apparel slogans?
Alrighty. Imma just chill in front of the fan now. And maybe sing a bit before heading for the shower. I feel different.


  1. work hard girl!!!! Keep it up. Obesity is NOT a genetic and you need to look your age and not older.

  2. Keep it up gurlfren. Never say never :-)

  3. Thanks ya'll! And i secretly hope Leeree will join me in FF. :)

  4. I just laughed so hard at that little cartoon! LOL! Im having a Lush giveaway for my fellow beauty lovers at: