Thursday, May 13, 2010

Makeup Brushes

I'm SUPER ecstatic when i bought my first set of makeup brushes, i couldn't stop raving about it!!!! Hehehehe.... I know. People thought that being a makeup junkie and all, i'd already have my makeup tools in hand. But no. I didn't buy it earlier cos i thought i'd need to buy more expensive ones so that they'll last longer. But i've come to realise that even affordable ones can be of high quality. I think Sharon has gotten me influenced on thinking that the more expensive the beauty product is, the higher the quality. Some advice ladies! NEVER underestimate cheaper/affordable beauty products. Sorry Sharon but I SO TOTALLY standby what i said!! ;) Take for example, Olay skin care! It is true that they have one of the best anti-aging creams compared to higher end ones.

Ok ok. The brand of makeup brushes i got is Ecotools. They're known for their affordable, good quality and environmentally-friendly brushes. This set i got, it includes 2-in-1 brow shaper/eyelash comber brush, eyeshadow brush, blush brush, angled liner brush and concealer brush, all packed into a bamboo cup holder. I bought the foundation brush separately. The handles are made from bamboo and it's a highly sustainable plant. The aluminium that binds the bristles together are made from recycled aluminium. Finally, the synthetic taklon bristles of the brushes are 100% cruelty-free. I got the brushes set for $29.90 at Watsons. The foundation brush is $11.90. Ain't that value for money? I've been diggin' them cos they're like SUPER soft, i'm SO in love with'em!!!! :) Ok ok. I know Ecotools don't have the complete, full range of makeup brushes. To complete my collection, i've been browsing Sephora makeup brushes. Ah well.... I'll let you know if i'll buy them or not. Psst! I heard they use goat hair. Eek!! :-s


  1. You are getting more and more busy!

  2. Good for her ganda to make herself occupied for the things she love. Right gurlfren;-)