Friday, December 31, 2010

Back From Outer Space

Yes, yes. I promised ya'll to come back here to blog and here i am! I've fulfilled my promise. I never go back on my words. *Crosses fingers* TeeHee! :-D
These few days, i've been daydreaming ALOT. About several things at a time. Cos you know, a girl can dream whenever she wants to. Even when ya'll are in the privacy of your own bathroom, BO-ing. Lol. I was thinking of getting IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Laser Hair Removal on both my armpits and my va-jay-jay. Therefore, i won't need to shave or wax ever again! Was thinking of getting my own laptop too but i scrapped that thought cos it doesn't hurt to share this laptop with my brother, i guess. Also, like Rehana, i wanna get Lasik eye surgery as well so that i don't have to buy contacts anymore and so that i can skip the sticking-your-finger-in-your-eyes process. All these require thousands of dollars and i ain't got no thousands on me so maybe in future, possibly. For the past week, what i've been doing was changing my diet to a healthier one and i've started back on the exercising track. It was great and i felt the endorphins aka feel-good hormones which perks me up everyday and which leaves me wanting more. Unfortunately, post-night shift, two days ago, i got bad coughing and intolerable sore throat. As i'm typing this down, i was supposed to be afternoon shift today but i took sickie cos i REALLY felt awful and lousy when i woke up this morning and STILL am feeling so right now. Hopefully, i'll get well soon cos i wanna continue exercising.

Currently, i'm obsessed with Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 5. I think most of them look beautiful in their own way. I found a few celeb lookalikes from this bunch. Take a look!

But of course i do have my personal favourites! They are....

Laura M






  1. Yey! Your back fifi :) looking forward for more of your 'kikay' posts and other stuffs.

  2. Hey gurlfren! I can't seem to enter your blog. Why does this happen? :(